Captain Rolo and crew welcome you to Off-Shore Charters!

I started OFF-SHORE CHARTERS in1995 because there was a need for a more personal touch for the fisherman paying to be on your boat. Too often it is forgotten how hard someone worked to just get that one fishing trip a year in, only to be treated like a number not the people they are.

This is also true for the SCUBA DIVER who drags his gear to and from the boat only to be rushed from dive site to dock so the next trip can begin.

We do not rush you through the day because this day should stick out in your mind as memorable for the fun, excitement, satisfaction you have not, the deadline you kept.

SIT time is just that, sit relax and enjoy the cruise. You can assemble your gear at the site instead of on the trip out.

After your second dive there is time to use the freshwater wash down in the cockpit before stowing your clean gear for the ride back . Gear may be left out during the ride back to shore to dry and be stowed away at the dock. If desired, Hot showers are available in the head [sorry room for one at a time] and the living area is open to all dry clean [no fish guts please] passengers for the comfort you deserve.

Come join us for a fishing or diving adventure aboard the Release Me.

Captain ROLO
Contact Information:
Capt. Roland J. Guyette
NAUI #43702
#924512 50 TON MASTER
FAX# 508-883-9284
PHONE# 508-631-4355

Last update 3/6/2005